Pointe Condominium at Mariners Landing

Moneta Bedford County, Virginia

Architect: Husain B. Alam, AIA

Mr. Husain Alam, AIA, NCARB designed the Master Plan and the first Pointe Condominium Building for Mr. John White at M&J Developers. The first condo building has a restaurant and conference center on the lower level that opens to outdoor patios and access to pool. There are 43 condo units on this 8 floor tall building. This is tallest building around Smith Mountain Lake. All three condo buildings connect at the lower level through public spaces. There are two pedestrian plazzas in between the condo buildings on the second floor level. On the lake side of the condo buildings, the design includes pool, docks, walkways, beach, gazebos and other public amenities for the resort guests. Mr. Alam was involved in the schematic design, design development, and construction drawings for this project. Because of the size of the building and the magnitude of this project, the building plans had to be reviewed by BOCA, Chicago office, for code compliance. The condo units range from 1 bedroom to 3 bedroom units, with upper units providing penthouse dormers. Each condo building is placed strategically on site to provide the same spectacular view of the lake and the mountains.