About Family Builders


We believe in excellence in design, construction, and service. Our "design-build" team has completed more than 300 projects in Virginia. Family Builders, LLC is a Virginia Class "A" Building Contractor, License # 2705077160A. The credit for our success goes to the dedicated staff and technicians who work very hard to serve all our clients' needs. All our projects receive warranty for structural systems and other building systems that exceed the requirements of the Code of Virginia. Our service does not stop at warranty, it is for the life of your building. We will be your architects, builders, and friends forever.

Design and Construction led by Architects provides ultimate accountability. Our group is responsible and liable for everything, "the buck stops with us." We are known for leading energy efficiency in projects and cutting edge construction practices. We use solar panels, geothermal heating systems, spray foam insulation, whole house air seal systems, duct air seal tests, and many other state-of-the-art building components and systems to maximize efficiency and to reduce the overall energy costs. We have LEED certified staff that provides GREEN Architecture and construction.

We believe that great Architecture is only possible when all technicians work together as a team under the guidance of a licensed architect. This Architect-led process reduces layers of management, finger pointing, and overall cost. Our projects normally cost 20% less than our competition. During construction of each project, our team provides the correct guidance to the large team of skilled technicians. There are typically 400 - 500 technicians who work on each project, and they need guidance from a trained, creative director who has experience and knowledge in all aspects of building/site design and construction means and methods. That project manager for each project is our Architect, who monitors construction details, level of craftmanship and finishes, and compatibility of various building systems. Our project managers can perform structural calculations and change beam sizes during construction, or revise skylight and cornice details based on the field conditions. This is the ideal method of construction practice. Architect-led construction was practiced by the Renaissance Master Builders like Michelangelo and American Architects like Frank Lloyd Wright.

Who better to build to your building than the very professionals authorized by the State to perform "Special Inspections" for quality assurance. Only licensed Architects and Engineers can perform special inspections in accordance with the International Building Code (IBC) and International Residential Code (IRC). Our professional staff is licensed to design, build, and perform all special inspections. Your typical builder can only build, and your typical architect can only design and inspect. Our staff is uniquely qualified to provide "all design, construction, and inspection" services required for any construction project, your one-stop shop. By hiring our firm you can avoid all headaches, coordination, and finger-pointing between various companies. We start each project design with construction cost and budget in mind, and we tailor your design details to meet your financial and aesthetic goals. This is how construction is supposed to be, a fun, interesting, and transparent process, where your architect and builder is the same person. That person is your agent, who is your creative thinker, your master technician, your financial guide, and your one "go to person" for everything. A professional you can trust. All of our contracts are transparent, where we set-up an escrow account for each project. Every purchase order written on each project, and every dollar spent on each project has to be pre-approved by the owners and by the Architect-Builder. We watch your money like its ours. Our clients say we care about the project more than them. This is the paradigm we have used for last 16 years to serve our clients "like no one else."